This is a summary chapter where a number of factors are reviewed.  The gap in the sagebrush is studied in some detail, as well as the soil and the dynamics of the arroyo.  The artifact and its contents are evaluated again, and its non-crystalline structure is discussed, as well as its possible function.  PHILIP CORSO is discussed in relation to the 1995 alien autopsy film.  CORSO also discusses alien autopsies at a secret Walter Reed Hospital lab funded by US Army R & D.  Discussed in this chapter are the ramifications of heat from the crash on the artifact, and a possible second clean-up at the arroyo site after a 1947 flash flood.  Also to be found is additional information concerning PHILIP CORSO in relation to extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs).  A discussion of monitoring devices in the human body can be found.  Some discussion follows of natural materials concerning other artifacts found at the site.