The shoe sole was found in 1997, very near where the crashed craft was believed to have stopped. Extensive researech with shoe manufacturers, materials labs, etc. turned up no definite answers. The sole was too narrow for any small earthly foot of this length, and too well made to have been economical to sell. Bottom of sole, shown below, had srange wear patterns in the center. B&W insert, right, shows how original shoe may have appeared.

Below are strange wax pieces. Top, T bar was a structural member of some sort. Pieces below may have been a part of an interior insulation coating to prevent occupants of craft from coming in contact with energized metal. Square item, lower right, was about one inch on side and 1/4" thick. Outer material seems to be ceramic with a good deal of zinc added. Back side was a charcoal-like substance.

Below, strange wax pieces and wafer