What They Say...

"We would recommend Art's talk to any serious UFO group. The scientific analysis,
his video and photographs are great."
San Jose MUFON

"There is no doubt that something crashed at this site…the Plains of San Augustin
back in 1947."
Art Bell Show George Noory

"Art Campbell has done an incredible job of researching the recovery of a crashed
flying saucer in the Plains of San Augustin in NM at about the same time as the
Roswell crash. He has an exciting story to tell. I highly recommend him and his
Stanton T. Friedman, Nuclear Physicist

"After an initial review, it seems superbly researched and includes a lot of important new material."
Timothy Good, Noted United Kingdom Author

What They Say...

"The Eisenhower project was one of our best shows ever. First hand testomony from the Holloman Airman gave this research a plus."

Jerry Pippin
The Jerry Pippin Show

"Art Campbell's appearance on my program, X-Squared Radio,was one of the best times I have had as a radio host. He knew his subject matter well and had a good sense of humor. I have had guests who knew their material and who even had great credentials, but few have the ability to keep a listener's interest the way Art Campbell does."

Dr. Brooks Agnew,
X-Squared Radio, Montreal, Canada

"It's refreshing to hear someone like Art Campbell who took the time to repeatedly go to the New Mexico area and walk the ground and seek out sources. I welcome Art back to the 'Exploring Unexplained Phenomena' radio program soon!"

Scott Colborn, host of
Exploring Unexplained Phenomena KZUM, Lincoln Nebraska


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The Henderson's Retrivals Conference
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Art was a guest on:

Coast to Coast Radio
Art Bell George Noory,
Phurumph NV
The Hilley Rose Show
Jeff Rense
Rob Mconnell, X zone
Exploring unexplained, Scott Colborn
Lincoln, NE
X-Squared Radio, Dr. Brooks Agnew
Charlotte, NC
The Jerry Pippin Show

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