1. Where are the Plains of San Augustin? How did they come into being?
What is their approximate size?

2. What evidence did you uncover that UFO crashed there?

3. Is there any corroborating evidence form any other research sources?

4. What do residents in the area know about a UFO crash?

5. Was this event connected with the Roswell crash?

6. Who discovered the crash site?

7. What can you tell us about his background? Was he reliable? Why was he on the
Plains the day of the discovery? Was anybody else there?

  • Who knew Grady Barnett?
  • Whom did he tell?
  • How long after the crash event did he tell friends and relatives?
  • What do you think the main significance is of the aliens Barnett described in 1947?
  • Who was William Leed, and what significance did he have in corroborating the Plains UFO crash?
  • Could Barnett have had any involvement in finding the Roswell crash site, as reported by earlier authors?

8. You mention in your book Philip Corso who was at the Pentagon. What was Corso's role in the Plains crash events?

Potential Questions

Items Found and Research

1. What did the soil analysis show?

2. What physical signs are there that something happened there?

3. You mentioned something about a body part, and had some fascinating pictures in your book.

  • What size was it?
  • What might it have been?
  • What did the analysis of the materials show?
  • What tests were run?

4. What was the item called the "wafer?"

  • What might it have been used for?
  • What was it made of?
  • What was its size?
  • You mention the wafer was found by a ranch wife. Were other ranchers involved in your project?

5. Metal material found

  • We understand there were over 9 pieces of metal found. Can you desribe them? How were they found?
  • What tests were run?

6. The wax material

  • What type of wax do these items appear to be made of? What was their size?

7. In your book, you talk about finding little shoes.

  • What were the size of these shoes?
  • How do they compare with earth shoes of similar size?
  • What tests were run on the shoe material, and by whom?
  • What were the layers made of?
  • How did you compare it to earthly shoes/
  • What materials did you find in the shoe layers?
  • What are the physical descriptions of known aliens that might have worn these shoes?

8. The Zamora sighting

  • What year did he make this sighting?
  • What interest did the Air Force have in this event?
  • Might it have been tied to the Barnett discovery years earlier?
  • How did you obtain the official Air Force report of the Zamora sighting?

9. Evidence of the military and others at the site

  • Who saw the military at the crash site?
  • Did you find any evidence that they may have been there?
  • What evidence did you find that others may have been at the site in years past?

10. The archaeologists

  • What information did you research that indicated that archaeologists were at the crash site (which they would not admit)?
  • How far away were the archaeologists working on July 2, 1947?
  • Why do you believe the archaeologists (if they were there) did not report seeing the crashed disc?