• The Holloman Airman
"I was called out of the barracks just in time to see his plane fly over the base housing."

• The Tail Gunner
"On my last trip before my discharge from the air force in 1955, we were assigned to bring cargo into Holloman. We saw Ike land, heard him speak. We couldn't leave until he did."

• The Electrician's Daughter
A quote from her dad's letter, 1989:
"I turned around on the telephone pole and there was this pie tin like thing."

• Air Force One Guards
M/Sgt. Borega: "At 3 am we were told Air Force One would be ready to leave in an hour."

M/Sgt. Boord: "When asked about 13 secret service with Air Force One, Board said, "we never had that many." Later recanted, "except once in the 50s, Ike went out west somewhere."

Find out what the entertainer Arthur Godfrey was doing on this plane...

• Overheard
"Someone who appeared to be the President left Air Force One, walked to the UFO and entered it."





“With high quality, video testimony from military witnesses from the 1950s, Art Campbell has put together some great research & a highly organized set of visuals. The Holloman airman's story packs quite a punch. Campbell presents credible evidence that President Eisenhower and the ETs met. Art’s story of this fascinating meeting during the Cold War will have your group on the edge of their seats.”

Jamie Hunter, Speaker Committee, MUFON Orange County.


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