In this chapter, we learn something of Barney's work as an engineer/ surveyor.  We also learn about the govermental organization he worked for (US Dept. of Agriculture) and the Salado Soil and Water Conervation District where he discovered the downed flying saucer.  Some research was also carried out on Barney's boss,who was the first one Barney told of the crash.  We learn of the boss' concerns about a military take-over of district grazing lands.
Some data in this chapter also informs the readers about Verne and Jean Maltais, Barnett's good friends  who learned of the crash event in 1950.  Also detailed is what is known of military involvement at the site, the distance and driving time to the Roswell site. Confirmation of Barney Barnett's experience in this chapter comes from a 1967 interview with a retired army colonel who learned about the 1947 UFO crash from Pentagon sources. Detailed map of the PSA, area roads, etc.