This chapter brings together all the elements, plus new information, about the crash site.  We found that the rancher who controlled the crash site land, transferred over 1400 acres to the government 4 months after the crash occurred.  We also contacted many ranch families living around and on the Plains about their memories of aerial events in those days.  These included several spectacular plane crashes, loss of life, etc.  More data was uncovered concerning the ranch hand and his family who lived near the crash site as he had knowledge of a strange crash.  Also researched were various military missiles under development in the late 1940s.  Military secrecy at the site is examined, as well as ranchers' attitudes then and now.

Four different statements are reviewed by COL. CORSO concerning the Plains crash.  BARNETT'S alien reports are reviewed, and we realize that he is the first to describe aliens we know today as the Grays.  Chapter 15 also takes a look at LT. LEEDS' 1967 meeting with BARNETT, stemming from his (LEEDS') contacts in Washington DC to Barney Barnett in Socorro, NM.  We also learn what happened to some of the key people in this book and where they are today.  The author believes you will enjoy the story about the little-known, but very important, crash on the Plains of San Augustin.

Upper left: a local cowboy who may have helped the military clean up crash site. Lower right: a disturbed grave site that could have held mutilated alien remains. Lower left: Colonel Philip J. Corso, a Pentagon insider that reviewed data on alien anatomy. He also talks of the Roswell crash and Plains crash happening in same time frame.